A conscious lifestyle is about the balance between the right amount of exercise, nutrition, vitamins, stress reduction and environment. Life is all about finding the right balance, I can help you with that!

A conscious lifestyle is not something you implement one day, you slowly grow towards it so that your body and mind have space and time to develop new habits. It’s a fascinating process in which you grow as a person, become more powerful and view the world differently. You feel energetic and happier and can handle anything with your inner strength. A very special experience and recommended if you want to live life consciously and enjoy life to the fullest.

Curious about what your current lifestyle looks like? What could you do to change or partially adjust this? Do you want to learn yoga exercises or is your body ready for a massage treatment? Or do you want to experience the entire Lifestyle package? Then read more on the website or give me a call. If you have become enthusiastic and would like to get started, we will help you understand your current lifestyle and guide you step by step to the lifestyle that suits you best.

About the massages…

Relax my Body –> A massage at a leisurely pace with gentle strokes and kneading to achieve deep relaxation. A blessing for your body!

During a relaxation massage, tensions that have built up in the past flow away and the mind relaxes. The massage also has a preventive effect and ensures that stress and unpleasant situations can be released more easily and are not stored in the body.

Energize my Body –> A massage with more intensity and faster pace to remove blockages and remove acidification and stiffness.

With this massage the emphasis is more on treating acidification in the muscles. This massage works best to treat tension caused by sports strain, frequent desk work with associated poor posture, stress and other factors that cause higher muscle tension. The massage ensures that the accumulated waste products are removed, blood circulation is stimulated and relaxation occurs.

Recover my body –> A massage with deep intensity to remove persistent acidification and stiffness.

This massage is an intensive massage that can initially give a somewhat unpleasant and sharp feeling. It starts without oil in order to go deeper into the tissue and ends with a softer oil massage. The massage is intended to address problem areas. Some people experience the treatment as painful. This is because the skin can be very sensitive in some places. The intention of the treatment is that the massage reduces the tension in the skin and ultimately makes it feel looser. This massage is concluded after approximately 25 minutes with a more relaxing massage to soothe the sensitivity of the treated areas.

Relax my Feet –> The foot reflexology massage is not a medical treatment. It is true that foot massage has a very positive influence on the nervous system and blood circulation. Blood circulation is improved, allowing waste products to be removed. Energy blockages can be released, stimulating the body’s self-healing capacity.

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